Remedy Group is made up of applied ecologists whose research focuses on varying aspects of small population biology and management.

Developing evidence for what causes population decline, understanding the impacts of being small, and evaluating conservation solutions is our bread and butter. We advocate a strategic approach to applied science and management, driven by clear hypotheses that are carefully evaluated. We often use experiments mixed with long-term demographic data to test our assumptions and showcase an evidenced based approach to threatened species recovery.

Of particular interest to us is the use of translocation as a conservation aid. We have been key contributors to the growing scientific discipline of reintroduction biology and continue to have a major research focus in this area. Reintroductions, and other forms of conservation translocation, are an increasingly popular form or management. We hope that our research will help continue to improve the success rates of these initiatives. If you have research questions you need help with, or are interested in joining the group to undertake research in this area then please contact us. We will be very happy to talk with you. Please note we do not have resources to employ staff unless clearly advertised on this site. We may be interested in supporting funding applications or be interested in considering independently funded studentships/fellowships to join our group.

For more information on our research please explore our website and the profiles of our group members.