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Research Update. Special Issue: Moving Towards Greater Success in Translocations: Recent Advances from the Herpetofauna

Animal conservation

This Animal Conservation Special Issue has been collated to present a collection of articles covering recent advances in conservation translocations from one under-represented taxonomic group, herpetofauna. We hope this issue will provide a valuable resource to the translocation community and help guide amphibian and reptile translocations in the future.

We launched this special issue in late 2014 and it has been very well received with over 4000 article downloads within a year. It is still online at and all articles are available FREE and OPEN ACCESS!

Remedy Groups Dr John Ewen was one of the Guest Editors for this issue and also contributes an editorial and research article along with Remedy Group Post-Doc Dr Stefano Canessa.

Written by Dr John Ewen

I have been interested and working with hihi since I was involved with establishing the Tiritiri Matangi island population through translocation in 1995. I am now employed as a Research Fellow at the Zoological Society of London and have been here since 2004. My research is multi-disciplinary and focusses on small population biology and management. I use decision science to assist in planning hihi management and drive our applied research with this species and have experience in molecular and behavioural ecology, wildlife health and nutrition and reintroduction biology.

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